How will the world feed itself in 40 years’ time? 1

The world is going to get hungrier this century, and on a scale that will make the famines of the 1980s look paltry. The maths are simple and devastating: in 40 years’ time the global population will be 9.2 billion people – a third larger than it is now. But to feed us all, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization says, we will need to produce twice as much food. Read The Rest Of Article


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One thought on “How will the world feed itself in 40 years’ time?

  • Sharon Hobbie

    Have you heard of TEDxManhattan’s “Changing the Way We Eat” taking place on February 12 at Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming?

    It will be on webcast. You can get the details at

    I don’t know a lot about what’s happening in this areana, but I’m interested in learning more and supporting healthier farming and natural foods.