Help The Hungry In Tallahassee Area, Get Access To Organic Veggies And More



Research from the most credible universities now proves that a nutritious diet is the most important step towards being healthy - for you, your children, and the people you care about. Proper nutrition can even override the effects of family genetic predispositions such as cancer, heart disease, Parkinson's, and diabetes.

As you may know, most of the food currently available to our community (through grocery stores, etc) is laden with harmful chemicals such as pesticides. This food lacks proper nutrition and because it's usually grown so far away, it's already in decay by the time we receive it. Rather than nourishing us, our food is causing cancer, reproductive issues, autism, and numerous other diseases.

North Florida Farms grows the fresh, healthy produce varieties all year long that everyone wants, including the kids: heirloom tomatoes, bell peppers, gourmet green beans, eggplant, squash, melons, mixed greens, and more. And because we are a local farm, when food prices rise due to rising fuel cost, agricultural disasters in other countries, etc, you won’t see a drastic increase in our prices.

Our project has three primary goals:

  1. To first provide affordable, fresh, locally grown, organic produce to the Tallahassee and surrounding areas, every week of the year regardless of the growing season or the effects of climate change. Our produce usually costs the same or less as store bought conventional produce (which is not organic, not fresh). We will give access to our produce through our affordable CSA Memberships plans and through our delivery service.

    While there are some farms locally which provide fresh produce, healthier food is only available a few months out of the year and it's often not affordable. As soon as the heat comes in summer or the freezes come in the winter, most local crops cease to exist. Our extensive agricultural research and experience will allow North Florida Farms to provide a solution to these challenges. As we focus on the local community, we will also establish regional-based agriculture centers near other communities (regional, national, and globally) to provide access to a fresh, sustainable food supply. Through this process, we will assist other farmers to transition over to safer, more sustainable agricultural methods of food production.

  2. To provide up to 40 percent of our produce yields to the growing population of disadvantaged, hungry people in the community who cannot afford to buy food. Currently, due to the economic recession and overwhelming unemployment rate, 1 out 4 people in this community (mainly children) go to bed hungry every night. As a non-profit organization, our current goal is to provide 55,000 pounds of fresh food within our first year of production, with this amount increasing yearly. We will do this through our Self-Sufficient Food Bank, community centers, and churches. We consider this a long-term solution to the local hunger issue, rather than the current "band-aids" which are unreliable and inconsistent.

  3. To create over 400 full time jobs with livable wages and benefits for the North Florida Area. Because our agricultural system is so space intensive, we employ an average of 20 people per acre. We will provide on-site training, management development, and stimulation to the local economy. Agriculture is the root of civilization – it is required for civilization to exist. Because if this, our project will create job security which will not waiver as the economy or societal trends change. As this project grows, it will serve as a model for hunger and poverty alleviation to the global community.

What Have The Research, Experience And Knowledge To Make This Happen

Our staff has years of experience in organic farming, sustainable agriculture, and farm management - all of the qualifications needed to provide fresh, locally grown organic produce to the Tallahassee community and to initiate our greater goals of poverty and hunger alleviation (pictures of our last project).

While there are other local farms in the area and we commend their efforts, our project is distinctly unique. For example, Rather than standard greenhouses, our agricultural system uses an eco-structure (a structure which contains a mini-ecosystem). We create a controlled environment that allows circular relationships between beneficial insects, microorganisms, our plants, and all of the other elements needed to create the best conditions for year-long organic food production. Our project is also designed to withstand the temperature extremes, limited natural resources such as water and fertile soil, and the other increasing effects of climate change and global economic insecurity.

We have made considerable progress and are much closer to providing you with healthy food and doing our part to alleviate hunger and poverty. At the same time, our project here is new and we are at the beginning stages of development. Though we are excited about our progress, your support will help us move faster towards achieving this goal, conducting our vital on-going research into developing a sustainable agriculture system with global impact (learn more about us).

By becoming a supporter of North Florida Farms today, you will:

  • ASSIST CONSUMERS (such as yourself and your family) in obtaining fresh, healthy, and safe food all year long, regardless the normal growing season

  • FEED THE HUNGRY, more specifically, the growing disadvantaged and hungry population in the North Florida community who cannot afford to by their own food - Federal Government reports indicate 1 out of 4 children in the US do not receive enough food due to financial struggle

  • PROVIDE EDUCATION AND ASSISTANCE to other farmers that want to transfer to organic farming methods

  • PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT from harmful chemicals, reduce the carbon footprint associated with food transportation, create more land for conservation reclamation by reducing the size required for growing food, and save our precious water resources by using less water for agricultural production

  • HELP FARMERS to earn more money by selling directly to consumers, thus in turn, passing the savings onto you

By supporting us, the greatest reward is knowing you have made a real difference in the quality of life for farmers, yourself, the community, and many others around the world.

Become a Farm Supporter Today - Make North Florida Farms "Your Farm"

Would you like to have access to the freshest, locally grown, organic produce all year long? Are you supportive of our goals to feed the growing population of disadvantaged, hungry people in the Tallahassee area? Do you want to see sustainable agricultural expand on community, national and global levels?

While we are investing a great deal of our own finances and agricultural expertise into the Tallahassee and surrounded communities, our project still needs the financial support of people like you to accomplish its goals.

While we are still in the beginning stages of establishing our project, our current projection is by the summer of 2013, the farm will be able to support itself without the need for ongoing financial contributions from the community. Until then, we need assistance for construction of our eco-shelters, supplies, and operational costs.

You can make the financial membership contribution of your preferred amount by clicking one of the following PayPal buttons, or you can contact us if you prefer another form or payment (credit card, check, money order, etc). Also, feel free to contact us for any questions you may have about our farm or becoming a member.

Farm Friend - $25.00
Receive occasional updates on our progress and be put on our Priority List: when our first crops are available, you will have access before the general public.

Basic Membership - $60.00
Receive the benefits above, plus our Quarterly Farm Chronicle, which includes updates on our project, recipe ideas, home gardening tips, and more.

Green Membership - $120.00
Receive all the benefits above, plus a 10% Discount on your first 5 orders (when produce is available).

Farm Partner - $250.00
Receive all the benefits above, plus a 10% Discount on your first 10 orders (when produce is available).

Farm Patron - $500.00
Receive all the benefits above, plus a 10% Discount on your first 15 orders (when produce is available). For this membership option, we also offer a personal farm tour by appointment.

Other Membership Donation Amounts
Select this option if you would like to support us with a larger membership donation amount. If you would like to donate $2500 or more, please contact us first.

About PayPal: This trusted payment option allows you to use PayPal's site to place your order, without sharing any sensitive information (credit card numbers, etc). You can also pay through PayPal by making a transfer to us from your checking account.

Note: Details about Membership Discounts will be emailed upon enrollment. Also, if you don't live in the North Florida area or simply don't need the discount on produce, we will gladly donate some of our harvest to a local food bank in your honor. Lastly, because we immediately invest all contributions into this project, we do not offer refunds for membership donations.