Factory Farming Video – Funny But Profound 2

Join Leo, on his journey of discovering the truth of where our food originates. Learn with Leo about what can be done to save ourselves from the illusion of the Meatrix:

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2 thoughts on “Factory Farming Video – Funny But Profound

  • jarrod godwin

    hi there,
    I think this is a great video for all ages young and old alike. this is put together really well, I think kids and adults that are not informed on this subject will pique their intrest. I have shared this with neighbors and kids all over and received request from everyone ive shared with ,asking where they can learn more about big agro and what they can do to help and change things back to as the kids say ,the old peoples way.thank you for making this video,i have been an old fashioned farmer practicing polyculture with crops and animals all my life.thank you for the great video, nice creative thiking the meatrix.