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Over 65,000 people in the Tallahassee area go to bed hungry every night. Most of them are children.

Imagine your spirit being broken at age 6, for example, when you shouldn’t have to worry about the source of your next meal – at an age when all you should have to think about is completing your school work, minding your manners and day dreaming about your future. But for these children, what future is there to dream about?

While local food banks, churches and government assistance programs try to provide aid to these people in need, support is falling short of demand. While these programs and organizations struggle in vain to meet their needs, these hungry people are running out of time and hope.

A struggling economy has devastated the ability of citizens and corporations who once provided support to give the donations and assistance which food aid organizations rely upon.

While conventional farmers were once big donors of food banks and assistance programs, they are no longer able to contribute as they once did. Outdated farming methods, droughts and other debilitating weather conditions, economic struggle, and rising energy costs have left many farmers fighting for their own security.

So the number of hungry people grows everyday while available food in soup kitchens, food banks, etc. is rapidly declining.

When it comes to employment, 1 out of 10 people in the Tallahassee area do not have a job (2 out of 10 for African Americans). In these economic times, employment opportunities are rarely available, even for college graduates. Of the people that do have employment, 75% are not making livable wages. On top of this, 1 out of 6 people do not have health insurance, even though most of these people are employed.

All of these factors are occurring at times when the economy is projected to soon worsen, as predicted by organizations such as the International Monetary Fund. Food prices have risen 25% on the national average in just the last year. People are already struggling and many experts are expecting an upcoming economic decline.

Help North Florida Farms Become A Leader In Food Assistance And Job Creation

North Florida Farms is not only committed to providing safe, affordable fresh food to consumers and restaurants, our project was designed from the start as a viable solution to alleviate poverty and hunger.

We are able to offer these opportunities because of our years of research and funding into high-yield, low input, sustainable agricultural methods. We are not just another local community garden or organic farm. Our project was designed to exist as a full force, food production system capable of generating massive outputs, using little resources, 365 days a year, while doing all this cost effectively.

While our project in Tallahassee is still in the beginning stages of development, our projections put us at supplying the community with over 1,200 full time jobs, with livable wages and health care benefits. This is just for the first stage of our project, with more jobs available as our project grows.

Our projections put us at supplying local food banks and other food aid distribution programs with over 55,000 pounds of fresh produce and protein within the first year of project development. Of course, as our project grows every year, our amount of food for aid will increase substantially.

Many people have the best intentions as they support local canned-food drives, donate to large bureaucratic aid organizations, and volunteer at local food banks/ soup kitchens. At the same time, the numbers don’t lie. These band aids are not healing the large wounds of the hungry and the unemployed.

Imagine this long-term vision:

  • An organic high-yield agriculture system outside of every population center in the US – a system that serves as a model to the global community such as Congo, Haiti, Uganda, and the struggling Eastern European Countries
  • A system that supports itself through sales of affordable food while at the same time providing jobs and food to struggling people
  • A system that keeps a healthy wage balance between the management staff and the entry-level worker
  • A system keep the profits in the local community, rather than a small handful of CEOs and executives thousands of miles (or continents) away
  • A system that thrives in a good economy and becomes a support line (jobs and food) in times of economic struggle

This vision is what we will achieve in the Tallahassee area. Using “Smart Farming” methods, healthy non-profit management values, and the support of the community, we will make this happen.

Don’t wait for big government or big bureaucratic aid groups to come to the rescue. Take a grass-roots approach today and help us in the fight for good safe food, good jobs, and support for the needy.

We are in your community and we are here to help. Help us to create a workable solution which other communities can use a model for long-term food security and economic stability.

Make North Florida Farms ‘Your Project’ by becoming jumping in to help today: Support This Cause

Of course, if you have any questions, concerns, or you want to participate more directly with the project, please feel free to Contact Us


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5 thoughts on “Get Jobs And Food to Tallahassee!

  • Jerry

    Mary Kay,

    Thank you for such a powerful article. I will continue to support the project and I can’t wait to see what we will all achieve together. Keep up the good work.

  • Monica

    i appreciate that you have the guts to help so many people. i’m struggling myself right now so the best i can do is share this with my friends, family, and Facebook contacts. i look forward to getting more involved soon. Our community is fortunate to have you.

  • Karen Peebles

    Thank you Mary Kay for the wonderful article. You are promoting a wonderful endeavor. I would like to become involved and would love to learn how to do so. Please contact me regarding way I can participate.
    Thank you very much
    Karen Peebles