Factory Farming Video – Funny But Profound

Join Leo, on his journey of discovering the truth of where our food originates. Learn with Leo about what can be done to save ourselves from the illusion of the Meatrix:

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Get Jobs And Food to Tallahassee!

Over 65,000 people in the Tallahassee area go to bed hungry every night. Most of them are children. Imagine your spirit being broken at age 6, for example, when you shouldn’t have to worry about the source of your next meal – at an age when all you should have to think about is completing your school work, minding your manners and day dreaming about your future. But for these children, what future is there to dream about?

While local food banks, churches and government assistance programs try to provide aid to these people in need, support is falling short of demand.  While these programs and organizations struggle in vain to meet their needs, these hungry people are running out of time and hope. Read more ›

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Why Do We Ignore Science?

Even as 90% of the world’s top scientists show us the facts, why do we ignore the truth about climate change, energy and sustainable agriculture?

The world’s top experts have spoken: NASA, U.S. Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health, United Nations, U.S. Department of Agriculture, American Cancer Institute, Scientists from the top universities including Yale University, UCLA, Duke University, University of Cambridge, Princeton University, Stanford University, John Hopkins University, Harvard University, Washington State University, Iowa State University, and countless others.

What They Are Telling Us: Civilization Is At A Critical Point

Climate change is here to stay and its worsening effects cannot be avoided. Agricultural yields are decreasing at a rapid pace, including in the United States. Massive food shortages, included in the US, are projected to increase in the next 5-15 years due to climate change, our global energy crisis, and lack of fresh water. Read more ›

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Ted Turner: Most Humans Will Be Gone Within 15-30 Years Unless…

You probably are familiar with Ted Turner, founder and owner /former owner of many organizations:

  • CNN
  • WTBS Turner Network Television
  • Time Warner
  • Turner Broadcasting
  • Hanna-Barbera Productions
  • World Championship Wrestling
  • Former owner of the Atlanta Braves Baseball Team
  • The largest single land holder in the United States.

What many people don’t know is that Mr. Turner donated over 1 billion dollars to the United Nations. He is the founder and chairman of the United Nations Foundation.  This puts Mr. Turner in a situation of working with and being surrounded by the top scientist and experts on climate change, environmental issues, agriculture, etc. He is also a recipient of the Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal for Humanitarianism. Read more ›

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How will the world feed itself in 40 years’ time?

News Alert

News AlertThe world is going to get hungrier this century, and on a scale that will make the famines of the 1980s look paltry. The maths are simple and devastating: in 40 years’ time the global population will be 9.2 billion people – a third larger than it is now. But to feed us all, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization says, we will need to produce twice as much food. Read The Rest Of Article

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Growing Food To Feed The Hungry

Whether in our own community or across the world, people should not be hungry – every individual should have enough fresh, nutritious food

According to a recent report released by the Federal government, the US economic crisis along with other issues has resulted in the highest recorded level of people who lack enough food. There are an estimated 50 million people, including one out of every four children, who are not eating enough food because they simply can’t afford to buy it.

There are more people seeking food assistance while at the same time, less financial support is being given to various agencies across the board. Families with disposable income are more hesitant to give in uncertain times. There are also more instances of government cuts to Medicaid, food stamp programs, etc. Read more ›

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The Story Of Food – Short Movie

This is an entertaining but deep short-movie about where food comes from, cultural perceptions of food, how big corporations play a part in the process, and what we need to be concerned about as individuals –

After you watch the movie, leave a comment to let us know what you think, what you learned, or even what you disagree with. You opinion matters!

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Dirt – The Movie: Discover Why Sustainable Agriculture Has To Be A Top Priority

This movie is a powerful message on the urgent issues around soil. The loss of topsoil has been called the single greatest threat to life on earth. Life without soil paints a dim existence for mankind.

The National Academy of Sciences has determined that cropland in the U.S. is being eroded at least 10 times faster than the time it takes for lost soil to be replaced. The United Nations has warned of worldwide soil degradation.

“We’re losing more and more of it every day. The estimate is that we are now losing about 1 percent of our topsoil every year to erosion, most of this caused by agriculture.”

David Montgomery, geologist at the University of Washington

Please watch a preview of this film if you are concerned about your future:

North Florida Farms is focused on rebuilding topsoil by restoring living organisms to the dirt. Our agricultural system also provides a powerful alternative to clear cutting forests for farming, the need for mass amounts of land for agriculture, and machinery tilling. These are all activities which are known to be the leading causes of topsoil loss. Read more ›

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What Makes North Florida Farms So Different?

Young healthy plant
Young healthy plant

healthy soil=healthy plant=healthy food

I’m often asked this question, because quite frankly, people have a right to know.  Of course, like most organic farms, we use all OMRI organic listed products in the operation of our system. We also don’t use any harmful synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, nematocides, fungicides or preservatives.

But rather than sticking a seed in the ground and giving it some fertilizer from time to time, we take it a big step further.

For years, we have spent a great deal of finances, time, and energy rigorously researching and testing all of the elements that create the best farming system. We have collected scientific data and we have consulted with the best scientists in a range of fields to design our agricultural system. Read more ›

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